Review #6 – Daiso

When I learned that Edmonton was going to be getting Oomomo, a Japanese-style dollar store, I was overjoyed. I’ve only ever been to Daiso, a different franchise that sells everything from notebooks to seaweed stampers to everything in between, but I’m hoping that the two stores will be similar enough so that Oomomo will carry crochet supplies like Daiso does!

Currently Daiso only has one location in Canada (Richmond, B.C.), so most of my purchases have actually happened internationally, but the quality of goods has always been the same! My initial motivation to buy crochet supplies from Daiso has been my forgetfulness to pack supplies on my trip, but I’ve always fallen in love with my purchaes afterwards.

For example, when I was in Hong Kong, I forgot to bring embroidery needles so that I could weave in the ends for my Ripple Blanket, but luckily my Aunt was planning to stop buy the local Daiso (branded in Hong Kong as JUSCO or AEON, but Daiso products nonetheless). I found this three pack of needles, and it has honestly been a lifesaver. Having the different sizes allows me to find something that works, regardless of the yarn weight. The biggest size even allows me to weave in ends for super bulky luxury yarns like TopKnot Style!

More recently when I was in LA, I found myself buying all this local yarn, but I had no hook to work with! A quick stop at Daiso helped me find a 3.0mm hook, and to top it off, it had an ergonomic handle! The grip made crocheting a breeze, and the metal tip grabs the yarn with no trouble at all.

In general, I think Daiso offers great value for its supplies! Most things cost around $2 CAD, and they are well made. In particular, I was happy to find a crochet hook with an ergonomic grip in this price range, as I know that brands like Clover Amour do tend to be a bit pricier. 

The only drawback is supply, as not all dollar stores always have the craft section, and even if they do, it’s not guaranteed that they will have crochet supplies. Still, I promise that any given trip to Daiso (or similar store) will end in finding at least one thing you wanted, so it’s never a wasted trip. I can’t wait to see what Oomomo will stock! 

Until next time, happy crafting!

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