Review #3 – TopKnot Style Yarns

Thanks to the wonder of the Internet, I’ve discovered that there is so much more to yarn than what is in stock at the local Michaels, and one of my favourite finds is definitely TopKnot Style! She gets her yarn made specifically for her business, and when I found out that she was making her custom yarn available for purchase, I knew I had to get in on that somehow.

At first, I resigned myself to loving this yarn from afar, since it is a luxury yarn, and it was hard for me to justify buying this yarn when I’m on a student’s budget/income and there are 50% off coupons in existence for Michaels. However, when Amanda announced a sale, I knew this was my opportunity! Even on sale, it was out of my budget to jump in and buy enough to make a blanket (9 – 10 skeins), so I settled for two skeins. My favourite colour is a light sky blue, so Glacier was my instinctive choice, while my best friend had mentioned that she liked the Pink Coral Blush on one of the many occasions I had told her about this yarn.

(NOTE: I believe Amanda is re-vamping her colours soon, so I’m not sure what will be available in 2017)

Amanda delivered this yarn to my house, free of charge, which was greatly appreciated! I was so excited when I got home and saw the package. The yarn was just as fluffy as it looks, and I could hardly contain my happiness. The yarn is acrylic, but it feels pretty much like merino wool! In addition, it’s wound very loosely, as it is more of a roving wool than anything else. There is about 240 to 250g of yarn per skein, and is approximately 30m in length.

On Amanda’s website, she states that the yarn is best cared for by avoiding rubbing against other fabrics, and to treat fly-aways or pilling with scissors or gentle pulling. If it gets dirty, the yarn cannot be machine washed, but should be dry cleaned, or spot cleaned by hand in cool water, without wringing the yarn out and without hanging the product up.

I didn’t actually end up keeping either of the scarves that I made from the yarn, so I’m not sure how well the scarves will hold up over time, but I can state that the feel of this yarn is exactly as advertised! I also loved the look of the stitches with the yarn and the 25mm hook, so overall I was a very happy customer. In addition, Amanda provides amazing customer service, as she responds very promptly to both e-mails and Instagram messages. Her packaging of the yarn was also adorable, and earns her extra bonus points in my mind.

Given the price of this yarn, it’s not something that I would work with every day, but for presents for special friends or special occasions, it’s definitely a treat to be able to crochet or knit with!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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