Review #2 – Paintbox Yarns

I’ve never been keen for online shopping, but when I realized that I could be ordering yarn online, that was a game-changer.

I first noticed Paintbox Yarns on Instagram, and I fell in love with their colour palettes. The only thing that is a bit strange is that you can’t order directly from the Paintbox Yarns website, but you order through the LoveKnitting website instead. The nice thing is that LoveKnitting has sales quite regularly, and they also offer a 15% off code with free shipping to anyone you refer after your purchase! I would recommend not purchasing on a whim, unless you’re in a rush, as waiting a few days could mean the start of a new sale.

LoveKnitting estimates a shipping time between 7 – 10 business days for international orders, and they definitely lived up to it! I placed my order on September 20, and I received it on October 3, which would be the ninth day. The packaging wasn’t anything exceptional, but I did appreciate the organza bag that the yarns came in.

I ordered the Simply DK 10-pack in Wanderlust, and I have no regrets! The colours were just as pretty as I imagined and the yarn is very soft. When I finally got around to using the yarn this month, I was using a 2.00mm hook. Even though the recommended size is an F (4.00mm) hook, I didn’t have any trouble with the yarn splitting or getting caught in the hook in strange ways, like I’ve experienced with other yarns.

To those of you with a preference for cotton rather than acrylic yarns, there is a cotton option at the DK weight! I used to think that cotton was always softer and better quality than acrylic yarns, but lately I’ve stumbled across some really great acrylic yarns, and now I’ve converted. The acrylic version also has very easy care instructions, which is a nice bonus. I think there’s a time and place for everything, and that includes yarn.

Paintbox Yarns also makes other weight yarns, but since I haven’t tried them yet, I can’t speak to the quality and feel, but I hope they’re just as nice as this order was. You also don’t have to buy in 10-pack quantities, but I like to think that I live by the motto of “go big or go home”.

Side note, I”m very thankful for my friends and family who have to put up with my constant talking about yarn — I’m hoping that by writing it all out, I can spare them from my constant rambles. Until next time, happy crafting!

There are NO affiliate links in this article and everything here is my own opinion. 

2 thoughts on “Review #2 – Paintbox Yarns

  1. How well does the acrylic wash? I want to make a throw out of the bulky version but not if it pills & halos like crazy.

    1. Hey Shaena!
      I haven’t actually washed the acrylic yet, but the label says that it is machine washable on the wool setting, and that you can tumble dry as well. You can also iron on cool and dry clean the acrylic. I haven’t noticed any pilling yet on any of the projects that I’ve made (Christmas Tree, Star Blanket, Mini Crab), but they also don’t undergo a ton of hands-on use. Let me know if you decide to go with the bulky yarn and how it holds up over washes.

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