#58 – Star Blanket

My third brother, while amazing in many respects, is not the greatest at interior design. He leans more towards the bachelor lifestyle than anything else, so when he got his own place, I was excited to get the chance to shop through him. I figured that a good way to help him warm up his new apartment would be to make him a blanket!

  • 10 skeins* of Paintbox Yarns Simply DK – a light weight (3) yarn (above colours from center: Light Caramel, Vanilla Cream, Banana Cream, Pistachio Green, Seafoam Blue, Duck Egg Blue, Stormy Grey, Misty Grey, Vintage Pink, Peach Orange)
  • Size H (5.00 mm) hook

Pattern by Celeste at Celeste Young Designs
MODIFICATIONS by tick-tock hobbies

I wanted to stick with bold colour changes, so I decided to scrap the border of white between each colour. I also needed to vary the width of each stripe. For the first five colours, I did six rows each, followed by five rows for the sixth colour, four rows for the seventh colour, three rows for the eighth, two rows for the ninth, and one row for the tenth. This was mostly because I realized that one skein of yarn was not going to be enough to do six rows at the outer edges, and so I realized halfway through that I was going to need to make some changes. This is what my little asterisk (*) in the materials list means! You will not need a full skein for the first few colours, but one full skein will not be enough for the later colours if you want to keep the stripe width consistent! Personally, I like the way that the stripes gradually got thinner, but if you want consistency, then you will need to stock up on the later colours.

My colour selections was easy, as I just used the “palette” made by Paintbox Yarns. You can read my review here. I think the next blanket I make, I want to have that experience of walking up and down the yarn aisle to select the perfect array of colours myself though. There’s just something about that process that seems so enticing.

I really liked the star-shape of this pattern, and working a blanket from the center was interesting, as it just kept growing and growing! I’m hoping that this blanket will also be loved for years to come, as it was fun to make, but definitely time consuming. My side thought as I was making this was that this blanket could definitely someday be used as a play rug for little ones! While no one in my family has anything like that in the plans for the near future, a girl can always dream of becoming an auntie!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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