Inspiration #14 – Cabled Blanket

A crochet technique that I have always been fascinated by is the process of cabling! I think it provides such an interesting appearance, and with the whole “crochet-that-looks-like-knitting” trend going on, cabling fits right in. I’ve also been itching to make a blanket lately since winter always makes me want to cozy up under a warm throw, so all these factors came together in this project.

  • 3 skeins of Lion Brand Yarns Pound of Love – a worsted weight (4) yarn (above colour A: Antique White, above colour B: Pastel Blue)
  • Size N/P (10.0mm) hook

Pattern by Lion Brand Yarns
MODIFICATIONS by tick-tock hobbies

I swear I tried my best to learn Cable Pattern #2, but it never looked right to me, so I decided to cut my losses and change up the pattern. I ended up excluding Cable Pattern #2 completely, and changed Cable Pattern #1 in two ways. First of all, I extended it over four stitches, rather than just three. Second of all, I made it consistent by always doing double crochet, either as front-post or back-post, and removed the alternating rows of double crochet and triple crochet. I left Cable Pattern #3 as is though, as I loved the braided look.

I ended up doing 125 foundation double crochet to start off with, and if you want a blanket with a smaller width, chain any multiple of 25.  Each row after that was as follows: *Pattern #1 (modified) – Pattern #3 – Pattern #1 (modified)*, repeating from * to * five times for each row. Be mindful that you should “chain 3” at the beginning of each row to count as a double crochet and replace the first stitch in Pattern #1. I’ve attached my modified stitch diagram from the Lion Brand Pattern, which hopefully makes everything clearer.

Once I settled in with this pattern, I realized that I may have bitten off more than I could chew. I started this project with the intention of finishing over Christmas break, but just due to the size of this blanket, there was no way of finishing in that timeframe. It ended up being 140cm x 195cm , using up 2 796m of yarn!

This was a project that I really enjoyed, as it gave me something to do while watching movies or even reading my textbook! It’s an easy pattern that doesn’t really need counting after the first few rows, as you can see or even feel what stitch is needed next.

Due to the size of the hook and the look of the blanket, there are some gaps so that it isn’t the warmest blanket. However, given the dimensions of the blanket, it’s definitely big enough to wrap up in and stay warm in that sense! I mayyy have been tempted to give up at more than one point in this project, but seeing the finished project just fills me with a lot of happiness from the making. I think given the sheer amount of time that I put into this blanket, it’s something that I’d like to keep for myself, and hopefully pass on someday!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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  1. Do you have a written pattern for this afghan? I cannot follow the diagram. I tried to find in on the LionBrand website and had no luck.

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