#80 – Braided Scarf

I’m an absolute sucker for braided things. Maybe it reminds me of my childhood, but there’s something timeless about them. When I stumbled across this pattern on Ravelry, I fell in love.

  • 3/4 skein of Red Heart Soft Essentials – a bulky weight (5) yarn (above: Greyhound)
  • 11.5 mm hook
  • 1 button

Pattern by Michelle at The Snugglery

MODIFICATIONS by tick-tock hobbies

I ended up using a slightly bigger gauge hook than recommended (11.5 mm vs. 10 mm), and I STILL feel like my scarf came out a lot shorter and thinner than expected. I chained the recommended 270 stitches and did the four rows, but it wasn’t long enough for an infinity scarf. I managed to problem solve this by adding a cute chunky button!

When I try this pattern again, I will chain 350 stitches so that it can become a true infinity scarf, and also do more rows. I know that the pattern said that the rows should end up being around four inches thick, but I thought that must have been a typo since my four rows were about four centimeters thick. I know better now. I should’ve done at least two more rows, just to make the scarf a bit chunkier feeling.

My absolute favourite thing about this pattern was the genius way the scarf was constructed. The simplicity and beauty of it made me so happy, and I couldn’t stop smiling as I tried it on for the first time.

I will probably be making many more of these in the future, just because I think they’re so clever.

Until next time, happy crafting!


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