#78 – Earflap Hat

Something about earflaps and tassels just makes me smile, and when I saw this pattern, I knew I wanted to give it a try, if only for the joy it would bring me. I was not disappointed by the end product, even if I did end up making a lot of modifications before getting there.

  • 1 skein of Premier Yarns Appalachia – a bulky (5) weight yarn (above: Boone)
  • Size G (4.00 mm) hook

Pattern by Gosyo Co.
MODIFICATIONS by tick-tock hobbies

First of all, I’m not really sure if I followed this stitch pattern properly since I’d never seen that circle-like symbol before. I ended up treating it like a DC2tog done into one stitch, and since it still lead to an interesting pattern for the hat, I just went with it!

I didn’t do a gauge swatch (I know, I really should start doing those), so the first time I tried to follow the pattern, the hat came out way too large when I was doing the suggested one hundred stitches in each row. I ended up frogging it until row 6, where there are only eighty stitches in a row, and I did my repeats with eighty stitches in a row too. I only did 14 rows before cutting the yarn as well, because the hat was starting to get too long.

For the earflaps, I started my chain-three on the third stitch from the previous row’s chains, and I only did one other DC before heading into the funny-circle stitches. Because of the changes mentioned above, I only had four stitches between the funny-circle stitches, and I did two DC after the second set of funny-circle stitches. I did two rows like that, and in the third row, I added a DC2tog in the middle stitches of the four stitch group before finishing the row as normal.

I think this was my first time working solely off a stitch diagram without any written help, and it was an interesting experience! Like I mentioned, the mystery funny-circle stitch was a hurdle, but all in all, I think I am now at a level in crochet where I work from stitch diagrams which is really exciting ot me!

My favourite part of this hat is probably the thick braided tassel! I ended up cutting six strands of yarn per side, and then pulling it through a stitch so that the yarn hung halfway and the strands became doubled up. This made for a chubby braid which I absolutely fell in love with. I think more things should have tassels.

I was looking at my Instagram feed, and I realized that I’ve been working in this colour scheme (cream, brown, blush, pink) a lot, but the funny thing is that I don’t even like pink! I guess I find it objectively pretty, just not for me. I’m more of a blue-green kind of girl when it comes to favourite colours. I think I’ll be trying to branch out in my colour choices in the near future though, and hopefully you’ll be able to see that!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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