#40 – THRICE Scarf

Lately, I’ve been really drawn to chunky yarns, and I have a feeling it’s because they look more “cozy” to me. In fact, my entire Christmas wishlist is pretty much luxury super chunky yarns! Since those are a bit out of my budget for everyday crocheting, I picked up some yarn on sale from DeSerres the other day and came up with this pattern!

  • 1 and 1/2 skeins of Bernat Softee Chunky – a super bulky weight (6) yarn (above: Linen)
  • Size P (11.5 mm) hook

Pattern by tick-tock hobbies

(abbreviations: SC = single crochet; HDC = half double crochet; DC = double crochet)

  1. Foundation single crochet one hundred and fifteen stitches. If this length is not to your liking, chain any multiple of 3 plus 1. (115 stitches)
  2. Chain two and turn. In the fourth stitch from the hook, do a DC. Go back one stitch and do a DC. *Chain one. Skip two stitches and then do a DC. Go back one stitch and do a DC.* Repeat from * to * until there are two stitches left. Chain one and skip a stitch. Do a DC in the last stitch. (115 stitches)
  3. Chain one and turn. Do a HDC in each stitch across the row. (115 stitches)
  4. Chain one and turn. Do a SC in the third loop of each stitch across the row. (115 stitches)
  5. Repeat rows 3 and 4 two more times.
  6. Repeat row 2.
  7. Chain one and turn. Do a SC in both loops of each stitch across the row. (115 stitches)

I hope the pattern makes sense! Again, if there are any questions, please let me know and I’ll try to clarify it for you. As a side note, I think that this scarf is begging for a big fringe! I just didn’t have time to try it today, but this chunky yarn seems to call for it.

The reason behind the name THRICE is the three lines of vertical V’s! They add some fun texture to this chunky crochet scarf, which I’m always a fan of! Interestingly enough, the V’s only appear on one side of the scarf, so if you ever feel like you need a change of pace, you can just flip it over for a different look!

I hope that you like the way this looks as much as I do, and if you do, this is now available for sale in my Etsy shop. Until next time, happy crafting!

This pattern is an original pattern by June Cheung at Tick-Tock Hobbies – please do not claim this pattern as your own or reprint it on another site or any other format. If you want to share this pattern (and I’d love it if you do!), just link to this pattern and give me the proper credit. You may keep a copy of the pattern for your own personal use, but please DO NOT sell this pattern. Permission is NOT granted for any finished products to be sold for profit, or for mass production, or for factory manufacturing of any kind. Thank you so much for your respect and understanding!

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