#35 – Unisex Box Scarf

If you’ve ever met me in real life, you’ll know that I love to “borrow” oversized sweaters and t-shirts from my brothers. I’m 90% sure that they’re made of softer fabrics than female tops and that alone fills me with happiness when I wear them. The only problem is that since I’m on the short side, oversized sweaters can sometimes make me look like I’m drowning in fabric. As an alternative method to get that comfy, tomboy look, I wanted to look into unisex style scarves this week!

  • 1/3 skein of Red Heart Soft Jumbo Size – a worsted weight (4) yarn (above: Charcoal)
  • Size J (6.00 mm) hook

Pattern by Nadia at YARNutopia
MODIFICATIONS by tick-tock hobbies

The biggest change that I made was reducing the amount of stitches in the very first row. I ended up settling on 200 stitches and I felt like that was enough, since it is still long enough to wrap around my neck once and still hang down past my belly button. However, this all depends on how long you want the scarf to be. I would recommend making the foundation row a multiple of four since I think that row 5 needs a multiple of four to work out neatly. As a result, I’m actually not too sure how 270 stitches would work.

To accompany the change in length, I also adjusted the width, so that I only did 18 rows rather than the recommended 25. Again, this is based on personal preference.

On the whole, I thought this pattern was very clear to read and resulted in a gorgeous scarf! I ended up using a lot less yarn than I thought I would, likely because of all the size modifications I made. The pictures on YARNutopia did make me think that the texture of the crossing stitches and chain stitches would stand out a bit more, but maybe it’s just the quality of photography that she used on her blog.

As always, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures before sending this scarf to its new home. I was trying to balance masculine and feminine touches, so I paired the scarf with a dress. The constellation dress I’m wearing is from another local Edmonton creator, Natasha at Whiteout Workshop! I saw it at a farmer’s market and fell in love, and that was that. Please check her out!

I actually did end up giving this scarf to a family friend, so I hope he likes it! As always, colour choice is everything for “masculine” or unisex items, so I’m hoping that he likes this gray!

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