#38 – Bat Bow


When I was little, my mother made four Halloween costumes (one each for my three brothers and I) and as the years passed, getting bigger meant moving to the next costume in the line-up! I started off as a turtle, became a pumpkin, then a Native American, before finally becoming a dinosaur. However, my favourite costume was the turtle, hands down. I loved this handmade aspect to Halloween, and I was very excited to keep it going this year.

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#35 – Unisex Box Scarf

Unisex Box Scarf 1

If you’ve ever met me in real life, you’ll know that I love to “borrow” oversized sweaters and t-shirts from my brothers. I’m 90% sure that they’re made of softer fabrics than female tops and that alone fills me with happiness when I wear them. The only problem is that since I’m on the short side, oversized sweaters can sometimes make me look like I’m drowning in fabric. As an alternative method to get that comfy, tomboy look, I wanted to look into unisex style scarves this week!

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Inspiration #9 – ID Holder

ID Holder 1

I’m not sure about you, but 90% of the contents of my wallet never get used. There are gift cards for stores I rarely frequent, membership cards for stores I’ve been to once, and stamp cards for a variety of bubble tea places. Unfortunately, I’m also a girl who doesn’t like to carry a purse very often. This means that when I’m leaving the house, I’m clutching not only my keys, but a very large wallet that doesn’t fit into my pockets. I’m always on the lookout for a more convenient alternative, and I think I’ve finally found it! I decided to crochet a mini wallet, big enough for an ID and a debit card, and I’m so excited to share it with you!

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#34 – Amigurumi Panda

Panda 1

I think that giant pandas have to be one of the most universally loved animals. I mean, what’s not to like? They’re cuddly-looking and I think the endangered aspect just adds to their mystique. Also, being a good Chinese girl, I like to think that I just have an affinity for them. Still, my love for them can’t compare to my friend, and since it was her birthday this week, I knew I wanted to try making an amigurumi panda!

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