#41 – Waffle Stitch Beanie


Confession: my love for soft, neutral toned yarns will probably never go away. For that reason, if nothing else, my love for the Buttercream colourway of the Caron Cakes will likely continue for some time. Having made the Chevron Scarf last time, I wanted to try making a toque! (See, I’m a good Canadian — I say toque!) Confession: I also have a thing for stitches with texture, so when I saw this pattern used the waffle stitch, I knew I had to try it.

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#39 – DAWN Headband


Whenever winter hits, I always find that the hoods on my coat never stay on my head. On top of that, I’m much too absent-minded to carry a toque around with me, so my poor ears always end up suffering the brunt of the cold. I decided that headbands are my best shot to saving my ears this winter, so I went ahead and used up some scraps of yarn and tinkered with stitches  until I came up with a pattern that I was happy with.

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#38 – Bat Bow


When I was little, my mother made four Halloween costumes (one each for my three brothers and I) and as the years passed, getting bigger meant moving to the next costume in the line-up! I started off as a turtle, became a pumpkin, then a Native American, before finally becoming a dinosaur. However, my favourite costume was the turtle, hands down. I loved this handmade aspect to Halloween, and I was very excited to keep it going this year.

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