Inspiration #25 – Framed Maps

fernweh — (n.) a homesickness for a place you’ve never been; a longing to travel, an ache for distance. // heimweh — (n.) a desire for going home, the longing for return

These two German words may be opposites, but I feel like I inhabit both of them equally. When I’m home, I’m dreaming of far off locales, but when I’m travelling, a part of me longs for home. In order to tackle this fernweh/heimweh cycle, I decided that I wanted to ground myself and mark where home was. I was cleaning out my car when I found some old maps, and I decided this would be a perfect project!

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Inspiration #20 – #toysforsyrianrefugeechildren

I’m not sure if anyone has actually ever picked up on this, but my Inspiration posts typically run on the third Tuesday of each month. I screwed up this month, but I think the thoughtfulness of this week more than makes up for this late post! This was inspired by the project that Justine at Chubby Knots is working on, as she is trying to send 500 toys to Syrian refugee children living in Lebanon this Christmas.

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Inspiration #14 – Cabled Blanket

A crochet technique that I have always been fascinated by is the process of cabling! I think it provides such an interesting appearance, and with the whole “crochet-that-looks-like-knitting” trend going on, cabling fits right in. I’ve also been itching to make a blanket lately since winter always makes me want to cozy up under a warm throw, so all these factors came together in this project.

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