#84 – Mini Toque

In recent years, my church has had a Christmas Carnival, and this year, I was helping with the craft table! This mini toque was a super easy craft shown to me by my friend, and it was a hit with all the visiting children!

  • A cardboard ring cut from a narrow tube (~5cm in diameter)
  • ~40 pieces of yarn (~12cm long)

I’m not sure who came up with this (it certainly wasn’t me), but here are the steps I followed!

  1. Fold the yarn in half, and place it over the cardboard ring, so that the loop is draping past the bottom on one side, and the yarn tails are draping on the other.
  2. Pull the yarn tails through the loop, securing the yarn to the cardboard. This is like making a fringe for a scarf!
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the circumference of the cardboard ring is covered with yarn.
  4. Push all of the dangling tails through the center of the cardboard ring. This shouls create a “cuffed brim” look with the yarn-covered cardboard.
  5. Use another piece of yarn to tie all the tails together. With scissors, you can trim all the tails to a similar length and create a pom-pom look.

The only caveat that I have with this craft is that it does take some motor coordination and a lot of patience, so I think it’s most suitable for children over the age of six. You can do it with younger ones, but just be prepared to offer more help!

I found this to be a simple craft to do with little ones, and you can create such unique products just by having different yarn! If you’re anything like me, you probably have a nice box of scraps that would be perfect for this!

Another variation that I thought could be really neat is if you cut a piece of yarn extra long. You would still attach it to the cardboard normally, but instead of trimming it at the end, you could tie the extra-long tails together to form a loop and transform this mini toque into an ornament! Wouldn’t that be so cute to have on a Christmas tree?

I had a lot of fun crafting with little ones at the Carnival, and I hope for more opportunities like that in the future!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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