Inspiration #23 – Gift Label

Is it finally acceptable to talk about Christmas? I’m not the light-up-Christmas-sweater-wearing type, but I do love the good energy that builds in this winter season as people get in the giving spirit. Related to that, I always seem to need gift labels. This was a fun way to repurpose old gift cards and make something functional all at once!

  • 1 used gift card with no money loaded
  • Assorted washi tape

Pattern by tick-tock hobbies

  1. Choose the desired washi tape and cover up any gift card details!
  2. Grab a Sharpie and write a name on this brand-new label!

There is no “right” way to do this. In that sense, it’s the best kind of DIY because you have no restrictions at all. This was also a great way to use up old gift cards, since they normally get thrown in the garbage once the balance hits zero. I loved the Christmas theme of this old Starbucks gift card, and knew it would make a great label.

If you happen to see a really cute gift card design while waiting in line at the cashier, you could try to ask the cashier for a blank unloaded card. They might give you weird looks, and they might say no, but nothing ventured, nothing gained! (Alternatively, you could also load money on to the gift card and use it, which I suppose is the more “normal” route.)

Because it IS washi tape, you technically could do this with a loaded gift card as well, since washi tape peels off quite easily and very cleanly. You’d just have to make it very clear to your recipient that there is money on the card! I’m not sure if everyone would intuitively try to remove the tape, so you’d have to be careful or else your gift would go to waste.

I’ve also seen some people use punchers to make guitar picks out of old gift cards and credit cards, which is another clever way to tale advantage of what might otherwise be considered garbage. Do you have any creative ideas for repurposing gift cards? I would love to hear them!

Until next time, happy crafting!

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