#79 – Kirby

A couple of weeks ago, my friend sent me a picture and the following message: “Can you make something like this?”. My mind started going a million miles a minute, as I imagined the possibilities and options to put my own spin on the object.

  • 1/100 skein of Paintbox Yarns Simply DK – a light weight (3) yarn (colour A: Peach Orange)
  • 1/200 skein of Red Heart Soft – a medium weight (4) yarn (colour B: Really Red)
  • 2 safety eyes (8.00 mm)
  • 2g Loops and Threads Classic FiberFill
  • 3.00mm hook

Pattern by tick-tock hobbies

(abbreviations: SC = single crochet; INC = two single crochet into a single stitch; DEC = one single crochet over two stitches)


  1. Follow the instructions for a 16-row sphere by Emily on Ms. Premise-Conclusion OR follow the typical pattern of 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 42, 42, 42, 36, 30, 24, 18, 12, and 6 stitches in each row to form a sphere.
  2. Add safety eyes before stuffing and closing off the circle.


  1. Chain-five. Starting in the second stitch from the hook, SC in the next three stitches. In the last stitch of the row, do an INC. Turn the strand of chains so that you are now working on the backside. SC in the first three stitches, then INC in the last stitch. (10 stitches)
  2. *SC in one stitch. INC in the next.* Repeat from * to * four more times. (15 stitches)
  3. *SC in one stitch, then do a DEC.* Repeat from * to * four more times. Cut yarn. (10 stitches)
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 for the other shoe.


  1. Using the magic circle, start with four SC. (4 stitches)
  2. INC in each stitch around the circle. (8 stitches)
  3. SC in each stitch around the circle. (8 stitches)
  4. Repeat step 3 three times. (8 stitches)

As a side note, I loved how Ms. Premise-Conclusion used math to create a perfect sphere. It’s something that the nerdy side of me appreciates, even if I am terrible at math. I will say that the “perfect sphere pattern” is a lot less intuitive, so I had to keep checking her instructions. On the other hand, when I use the standard pattern, I can do it without thinking too much about it. Still, I’ll definitely keep it in mind for the future!

Also, I was lazy and didn’t want to run to Michael’s for new yarn, so I made-do with what I had on hand. As a result, Kirby is a bit too orange for me, but I love how cute he looks! There’s a little bit more that I want to do with him, so stay tuned!

Until next time, happy crafting!

This pattern is an original pattern by June Cheung at Tick-Tock Hobbies – please do not claim this pattern as your own or reprint it on another site or any other format. If you want to share this pattern (and I’d love it if you do!), just link to this pattern and give me the proper credit. You may keep a copy of the pattern for your own personal use but please DO NOT sell this pattern. Permission is NOT granted for any finished products to be sold for profit, or for mass production or for factory manufacturing of any kind. Thank you so much for your respect and understanding!

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