#62 – Triangle Lace Shawl

If summer is for crop tops and winter is for scarves, what should spring’s go-to piece of crochet be? I’m thinking it might be shawls! I’ve never worn (or made) a shawl before, but this pattern was so pretty that I knew I had to give it a try.

  • 1 skein of In the Deep Hue Sea Caribbean – a fingering
  • Size J (6.0  mm) hook

Pattern by Tamara at Moogly Blog

MODIFICATIONS by tick-tock hobbies

I ended up doing 44 rows of the block pattern since I wanted a slightly larger shawl. Having a bigger shawl means that it’ll be easier to wrap up in, which is what I’m looking forward to most. Other than that, I found the pattern very straightforward and beautiful. Tamara also provides a video tutorial and stitch diagram for the pattern, which makes it even easier to figure out. Her blog in general is an amazing crochet resource, so please check it out if you have time. She was also the creator of the pattern I used for my Reversible Lace Scarf, another one of my favourite finished projects.

I also changed up the edging, as I’ve never been a fan of picot lace for some reason. I followed the first three rows, then just did three rows of single crochet in each stitch to create a defined border.

To be honest, the first few rows of this pattern gave me so much doubt because I couldn’t really “see” the lacy look that the pattern was promising. I think that this is an example of where blocking makes a really big difference, and I’ll confess now – I haven’t blocked it yet. That’s another reason why I added a few extra rows to the shawl so that it could be bigger even without the blocking. If anyone out there can give me a pointer about blocking, I would really appreciate that!

I also loved how this pattern uses one skein of yarn, so that you don’t have to worry about having a mini stash of yarn to finish the project. I’m hoping to find more fun one-skein patterns in the future in order to chip away at some of the yarn I’ve been stashing lately.

Until next time, happy crafting!

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