Inspiration #11 – Beaded Bobby Pins

The most inconvenient length of bangs for me has always been the in-between stage, where it’s too short to tuck behind your ears, but too long to leave natural. At this point, bobby pins are a necessity, but if you’re anything like me, you find these utilitarian items a bit boring. Here’s a fun and easy way to dress them up! 

  • 1 bobby pin 
  • 3 white seed beads
  • 12 green seed beads
  • 18 red seed beads
  • 12 inches of 28-gauge wire

Pattern by Marilyn Green in KLUTZ Beaded Bobby Pins

I absolutely loved KLUTZ kits when I was growing up, and when I was cleaning my room, I rediscovered this old kit! KLUTZ is so great convenient for young crafters since the instructions are always very clear and it’s so handy to have the supplies provided for you as well. 

It’s a great entryway into different types of crafts – I actually learned how to crochet from  KLUTZ kit too! 

In terms of beaded bobby pins, I’d definitely recommend wrapping the wire as closely to the bobby pin as possible. Otherwise, the wires can snag in hair, which is not comfortable. 

Until next time, happy crafting! 

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