Inspiration #6 – Postcard Panda

I’m an old-fashioned kind of girl. For example,  I like using an actual planner instead of my phone, I try to send as much snail mail as possible and I LOVE the idea of postcards. When I saw this little DIY panda as part of a postcard, I knew I had to give it a try!

Here is how the postcard looked in the shop in Taiwan!


It cost 50 Taiwan Dollars, which converts to roughly 2 Canadian Dollars. The shop had a variety of these postcards including giraffes, elephants, cats and more. I figured since it was Taiwan, the most fitting animal to remind me of this trip would have to be a panda! The company that makes these postcards is called Monkey Design, and their website reveals a whole plethora of cute products! There is an English version of the site, which was a huge relief for me as my Chinese is rusty at best.

The instructions were on the underside of the postcard, underneath the felt. They were done in both English and Chinese once again.


I thought the felt of the panda was pretty decent, considering the price of the postcard. There were also paper versions of these postcards, but I wanted to push myself to practice sewing. Also, I fell in love with the cute facial features of this little guy so he was a no-brainer of a choice.

Postcard Panda 4

Here is the finished panda with his postcard origin! I would definitely not mind getting more of these little guys in the mail, so if anyone is ever in Taiwan and you see these guys, send them my way!

Postcard Panda 5

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