#15 – Handmade Cards

As much as I love crochet, sometimes life just calls you to try other crafts! Lately I’ve been trying my hand at making cards, and it’s been a lot of fun. I’m definitely far from making Hallmark-level cards, but I like the freedom to design a card the way I want. Plus it’s nice to be able to have a little handmade card to accompany a handmade gift!

  • 1 piece of 12inch x 12inch Scrapbook Paper
  • Stampin’ Up! “Curly Cute” Stamp Set
  • Stampin’ Up! “Petal Prints” Stamp Set
  • Stampin’ Up! “Noteworthy” Stamp Set
  • Stampin’ Up! “Itty Bitty Bits” Stamp Set
  • Peace Dove Pigeon Bird Paper Edge Craft Punch Stamp
  • Ink Pad

I’ve been really blessed to be able to enjoy these cardmaking sessions with a friend, and she’s the one who owns all of these Stampin’ Up! products! Her cards are also much prettier than mine – she has a beautiful eye for design.

As you can tell, I like to use patterned scrapbook paper as a base. It adds a bit of design flair and saves you from the intimidation factor of a blank white page. I tend to make several copies of each card when I use a 12 x 12 piece of paper, as I like smaller cards in the first place too.

I love the look of the stamps because they add a touch of professionalism to the DIY. The ones from Stampin’ Up seem to be well made, and they clean easily when you want to switch ink colours. The only thing that varies from stamp to stamp is the alignment of the stamp, so practice stamps are always recommended.

For me, the main benefit of using stamps is that it spares me from having to use my icky handwriting and ruining the look of a card. I think my next long-term project will have to be picking up calligraphy basics! If you already feel comfortable with the way your calligraphy or writing looks, you don’t have to necessarily buy the stamps. You can even come up with your own beautiful messages to add even more personalization!

Crafting with company definitely makes the activity extra enjoyable! I love being able to talk and connect while also being productive. In particular, this friend is also my mentor from my church, so it’s really nice to be able to share about our faith and be encouraged by her stories and thoughts.

Are you guys lucky enough to have people to crochet, bake, or make with? If there are any of you in the Edmonton area, I would love to meet up and create with you!

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