Review #1 – BrickBubble

Ever since my friend helped me to re-design my logo, I’ve been dying to order custom tags that I can use on some of my creations!

I was torn between getting wooden tags and ultra-leather (aka synthetic leather) tags.  On one hand, I love the look and feel of wooden tags, but I could also see them being unwieldy to have on something like a headband. In the end I decided to settle on the ultra-leather option as they are more flexible to attach and still provide an adorable custom touch.

My next step was to find a good retailer. I wanted to make sure I bought them from a Canadian company, because I think supporting local small business whenever possible is a great way to support other makers. I found GrainDEEP on Etsy, and they are a boyfriend-girlfriend duo from Toronto, Ontario! I loved the variety of wooden shapes that they had available for engraving. A second option that I found through Instagram was BrickBubble! They are a husband-wife team from Stony Plain, Alberta! Here, it was the degree of detail that they could etch into the leather that amazed me.

Since I settled on the ultra-leather tags, I decided to go with BrickBubble. I ordered the 0.65 x 2 labels, and went with the vertical fold-over option. Diane and Mike were very helpful and quick to respond, even when I made a mistake in my ordering. They also did a great job of slightly tweaking my logo to make sure that it would come out beautifully on the tags, and I appreciated how they were careful to make sure that I was okay with the changes before they proceeded.

When I finally got the tags in the mail, I was thrilled to see that all of the detail that I love in my logo was still present in the tag. I’m so happy to finally have some custom tags, and I can’t wait to use them!

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