Give-Away #1 – Baymax!

To celebrate reaching 50 followers on my Facebook page, I decided to do a give-away! I wanted to challenge myself to make my first amigurumi, as I thought it would be a good prize! Besides, who doesn’t love Disney? With that in mind, I took to the Internet to look for a fun project, and I found Baymax! I watched Big Hero 6 with my family during Christmas 2015 and I really enjoyed it.

  • 1/4 skein of Premier Yarns Cotton Fair- a fine weight (2) yarn (above: Cream)
  • 1 Black strand at 10mm (half-thickness of normal embroidery floss)
  • 100g Loops and Threads Classic Fiber Fill
  • 2 safety eyes (7.5mm)
  • 2.0 mm hook

Pattern by Anitha at Paint It Colourful

This was the first time I’ve ever finished an amigurumi pattern! Some things that I will keep in mind for the future is the positioning of limbs – it really changes the look of the end product, and I think in hindsight, I made the arms of Baymax a little bit too high up.

In addition, something to keep in mind is the “right” side of amigurumi. When you start the circle and are working counter-clockwise with your hook entering from the inside of the circle, the “wrong” side is facing you. Before you stuff, you should flip your work inside out, and finish the last few rows working clockwise with your hook entering from the outside of the circle. This gives your work a neater “v-stitch” look. For the arms, I found it useful to flip way in advance, as flipping at the end was tough with such a small hole. Personally, I flipped after Row 6.

I had a lot of fun making this guy, and I hope he goes to a good home when I pick the winner for my very first give-away!

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Thank you so much for all of your support so far, and good luck!

UPDATE (Feb 21, 2016) – Baymax has been successfully delivered to his new home! Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter.

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